Germans are a curious bunch. We like beer, lederhosen, and sausages – maybe. I myself don’t like the taste of beer, I never wore a lederhosen but I do like sausage and sauerkraut now and then.

Awesome German words (and what they mean)

We also talk funny … at least for foreigners. I once was asked if I yell at my girlfriend. No, just normal talking. She was as surprised as myself. But then, we Germans have a tendency to sound a bit yelly for other people. But we also have some awesome phrases and words:

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Our favorite German words

There are many more too. However, my personal favorites are Weltschmerz, Wanderlust, Zuhause, and Heimat. These are all nouns and describe different things:

  • Weltschmerz – Germany prides itself as the “Land der Dichter und Denker” (the country of poets and philosophers), so this term fits perfectly. Weltschmerz is a melancholic feeling of not belonging in the world itself. It is often described by poets and in dramas.
  • Wanderlust – We Germans also like to travel. Wanderlust literally means “longing for a hike” and describes the inner need to see the world, different countries. Essentially, when we have wanderlust we want to make something like a road trip.
  • Zuhause – My home is my castle is true. Zuhause literally means “at home” but as a noun. It can describe the feeling you have in your own home. The warmth and the security of your own house, flat, etc.
  • Heimat – The feeling to belong somewhere. German Heimat can describe a village, city, or region. Even the whole country or sometimes the European continent. It depends on your point of view. To me, Heimat is Mitteldeutschland (Middle Germany) a loose combination of parts of the federal states of Saxony Anhalt, Saxony, and Thuringia.

Do you have some amazing German words? Or do you always wanted to know the meaning of a German word? Put your comment down below and we answer everything you wanna know.

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