You saw an amazing product in a German online shop, maybe a new iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, or an awesome Microsoft Surface tablet. It’s cheaper in Germany, too. Sweet deal. You want to purchase it – but here’s the problem: Many German online shops only accept payments from German bank accounts.

Problem: German online shops don’t accept your payment options

“We don't serve their kind here.”
“We don’t serve their kind here.”

There is a German saying Nur Bares ist Wahres which means only cash is true (and good). Many Germans – not just online shops and stores – are very conservative and are clinging to cash money. The retailers do so, too. With the exception of money transfer via a bank account, German shops mostly allow just cash or invoice.
Often enough, you won’t be able to pay with PayPal, Apple Pay, Yapital or even a normal credit card! Mobile payment methods like NFC are virtually unheard of in many parts of Germany.

Possible solution: Open a German bank account

One accepted method of payment is wiring your money via a German bank account. There is just one problem: You need to be a German citizen (or permanent resident) to open a bank account. Then, you’ll need to pay fees and dues for every transaction and you still need a German address because many shops do not deliver outside of Germany.
That’s another reason why mobile payment options aren’t of any use for you in Germany. Although PayPal becomes more accepted, you can’t use it because you don’t live in Germany.

Either you wish a reasonable price offer goodbye – or you shop with Mailbox Germany. We can buy your product in Germany and ship it to you everywhere in the world!

Best solution: Let us shop for you in Germany

Welcome to the German shopping experience!
Welcome to the German shopping experience!

When you already are a Mailbox Germany customer you just can just tell us what to order and we do it. Once we have your information, you will receive a confirmation of purchase from us. You just transfer the purchase price with a 8% fee of the gross price to us and you are set.

We will keep you informed of the purchase and when it will arrive in your Mailbox in Germany. Then, you can send the item everywhere in the world!

Do these 3 steps for ordering via Mailbox Germany

  1. Send us a link to the online shop (With a detailed link, we can look up exactly what product you want so there will be no mistakes.)
  2. What article do you want? (Just tell us the name of the product including details like color, size or any other aspect which could be changing.)
  3. How much does the article cost? (We need a price so we can match our purchase with your specifications.)

For more information, just look up our website on how to purchase with a German bank account or a credit card. If you have any questions or feedback, just leave us a comment under this article or message us via our Facebook page!

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