Germany, or as the Germans call it Deutschland is among the three largest economies in the world, alongside the United States and the People’s Republic of China.

More and more Chinese customers order in Germany

Growing numbers of Chinese customers order online from Germany. Both countries, albeit on the opposite sides of the giant Eurasian continent, have strong commercial ties to each other. And many many Chinese become regular customers in German shops.

Many Chinese customers are shopping abroad.
Many Chinese customers are shopping abroad.

The German center for tourism counted around 2.5 million stays of Chinese people in Germany. That’s a rapid growth of about a quarter more than the previous year. But why do Chinese love Germany?

There are many explanations:  Chinese people like Europe and especially Germany for our landscapes, beautiful castles, architecture, and peculiars cities.

Also: Chinese people love German shops. Michael Mauerhoff, marketing chief of Global Blue Germany, said that Chinese often visit shopping malls and buy clothes, watches, jewelry, leather items, bags, wallets and so on.

German labels are much cheaper in Germany than in China – and the items often are status symbols. Especially German manufacturing is regarded as high-class quality – from a cuckoo clock from the Black Forest or a Mercedes Benz car.

Diamonds are a girl's best friends - and a sought-after souvenir for many Chinese travellers.
Diamonds are a girl’s best friends – and a sought-after souvenir for many Chinese travellers.


Why Chinese customers should register with Mailbox Germany

With Mailbox Germany you can register a German mail address. We then forward your packages to your address. This is brilliant for business travellers who do not have a fixed address.

Registering with us is also a good way to circumvent bootlegs and forgeries since you shop directly (and often far cheaper) in Germany itself.

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