Did you know that more an more Chinese people are shopping in Germany? Made in Germany is a label for quality even in the Middle Kingdom. Some companies are alredy specializing for this market. Dongxii is such a company – it’s a German-made shopping app for Chinese customers. I interviewed Dongxii CEO Marcel (马塞).


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How does crossborder shopping with Dongxii and Mailbox Germany work?

A service like Dongxii enables you to shop via an app and select between a growing number of European businesses. You can buy everything you see in the app – it doesn’t matter which vendor or company makes it. You select your products, go to checkout and we take care of everything else.

Dongxii cooperates with Mailbox Germany – so our customers are in luck. You already have an account with us, so we take care of the logistics and you can use your Mailbox Germany data with Dongxii as well.

Do you want to know more?

Download the app

You can get Dongxii as a Weidian microshop that is integrated into WeChat or download the app on your iPhone. Here are the links:

What is Dongxii?

They started their cross-border activities by introducing new wine brands to the Chinese market and after they went back home to Germany they also fulfilled their friends demand for sending over German quality products.
With their third Co-Founder and software developer David, they strive to bring the cross-border commerce with China to the next level:

  • Making the best German and European products known and available to a Chinese audience in a convenient way.
  • Increasing the quality and longevity of consumer products that are bought and consumed in China and make both cultures learn from each other.

东西 – 是什么?


  • 通过便捷的方式将德国及欧洲的知名产品带给中国消费者们
  • 提高进口消费品的质量及生命力,让双边文化在相互学习的基础上共同发展
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Christian Allner
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