Found something awesome on eBay in Germany but the vendor doesn’t export to other countries? Right now, your solution is to beta-subscribe for a free account at Mailbox Germany and we forward your eBay orders to you. Need something more quickly, too? Starting in May, that will be possible, too.

The German eBay headquarters at Dreilinden.
The German eBay headquarters at Dreilinden.

First European eBay logistics hub to open near Merseburg

Back in 2014, eBay announced that they were planning to build their first logistics hub for their European shipping in Germany. That’s a logical choice. Germany is one of biggest eBay sellers in Europe.

The company decided to invest in the Star Park industrial area near the city of Halle (Saale), just some kilometers north of Mailbox Germany’s hometown of Merseburg. Starting as a problematic project of the city, Star Park is growing to be a success story. That’s good for our region and, of course, for our customers, too.

Mailbox Germany sits at an interconnected hub in Europe

The metropolitan area of Leipzig-Halle is a manufacturing hub for big corporations like Porsche and BMW already. For some years now, it’s becoming a trading hub for shipping companies as well. Amazon, DHL, and eBay are moving in and the prospects for further investments in the region are optimistic.

karte leipzig halle merseburg
Infrastructure in the Leipzig-Halle region.

Mailbox Germany is located in the little city of Merseburg which is sandwiched between the two larger cities of Leipzig and Halle.
That way, we are prime-positioned between industrial areas like Star Park, the International Airport of Leipzig-Halle, and infrastructural points like the highways and waterways.

Starting in May, 2015 the new eBay logistics hub will be open right at our doorstep and we can dispatch your eBay orders more quickly and get your goods faster and better than ever.

Sources: Pic #1 CC BY SA Janos Balazs/ / Pic #2 via OpenStreetMaps (license)

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