Dear back packers, hikers, world travelers and just adventurers,

if you are lacking encouragement for your next trip or ideas about the route, I can give a tip about our surrounding here.

2013-08-10 14.03.47-1This morning I decided to chose especially eco friendly way to get from my house in Halle (Saale) to our office in Merseburg. Cycling approximately 16km in a warm and sunny morning was exactly what I needed to begin the last working day of the week full of energy.

Therefore, now I can tell that throughout the above mentioned route you will find a convenient bike / pedestrian path, green landscapes and even som2013-08-16 12.12.03e berries to recharge yourself a bit.  2013-08-15 18.06.25-1

I believe this region is not that unique meaning that presumably the whole Germany is a bicycle friendly country so why not to pick it for your next journey?!

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