OC&C research shows, German Websites are multilingual available, but international Shipping is still underdeveloped.


The OC&C Strategy Consultants has published an interesting report about global retail and the United Kingdom. But on a side node, some really interesting facts about Germany can be found as well.

Trade Balance

Graphic from OC&C Website
Statistic by OC&C and Google.

The report focuses on the huge impression E-Commerce is having on the English trade balance. In online purchased goods the UK is placed top of the World with a surplus of over USD 1 billion in 2013. That is a really large amount considering the USA are second placed with a surplus of USD 180 million and Germany is third with the small trade surplus of USD 35 million.

In total, Germany has a trade balance surplus of USD 260 billion in 2013. But why is our export nation still low with online exports?

Well, the main reasons seems to be that many German online shops don’t support purchases from other countries. Even on Amazon and Ebay many German online shops don’t provide international deliveries. Some small forwarding companies have already launched, but they have yet to find an solution that match the multiple interests of people around the world.

Sprachen und Reichweite

Graphic from OC&C Website
Statistic by OC&C and Google.

The QC&C report shows clearly, that the leading role of the UK and in addition also of the USA are because of their wide range of supported countries. Language wise German Websites have a huge potential but with roughly 15 supported countries it is no wonder Germany can’t show its export potential.

Therefore we are firmly convinced that our one year of preparation was the right decision, because this year we will launch the first forwarding company that is completely online! We provide our customers an individual German shipping and billing Address to receive packages, letters and magazines and forward your shipments worldwide. Our service will be available right from the start in three languages (German, English and French) and in every country with a connection to the Internet.

Over the last year we have accomplished quite much. We have an official license to offer postal services, the Website is prepared and we have checked the legal situation with international forwarding. To prepare ourselves for the last step, the global market, we will start a crowdfunding on april 28th this year on indigogo.

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