Ever wondered why we often talk about the International Airport of Leipzig/Halle? For one, it’s the nearest airport to the Mailbox Germany HQ – but that would be a cheap excuse. The Airport of Leipzig/Halle is one of the biggest airports and the 2nd biggest cargo airport in Germany as well as a big hub for shipping in the whole of Europe.

The Airport of Leipzig/Halle at night (CC BY SA 3.0)
The Airport of Leipzig/Halle at night (CC BY SA 3.0)

Growing by the numbers: How big is the cargo airport Leipzig/Halle?

The latest press release from the Logistics Leipzig-Halle Network is a reason for celebration. About 480,380.2 tons of cargo were processed and shipped at the Cargo Airport of Leipzig/Halle in the first half of 2015 alone. That’s almost half a million tons and rise of 8.7 percent. Just for comparison: A Boeing 767 can take up to 58 tons of cargo. It would take 8,282 Boeings to transport all that cargo!

These numbers mark a historical milestone as well: Since a decade, the cargo airport is getting bigger! For 10 years now, the Cargo Airport of Leipzig/Halle is growing and expanding. Not even a global financial crisis or the Euro crisis could harm that. The airport is a big success. As a logistics partner with the Leipzig/Halle airport, we at Mailbox Germany are glad for this news. We can invest in new enterprises and projects and can count on the airport.

What is so special about the airport?

The big success of the airport is due to its convenient location between the two cities of Leipzig and Halle. Merseburg, the HQ of Mailbox Germany, is located between these two cities and in a south-west direction of the airport.

The location of the Leipzig/Halle airport and its surroundings via OpenStreetMaps (license)
The location of the Leipzig/Halle airport and its surroundings via OpenStreetMaps.

But that is not the only reason: Many big companies build logistics centers around the airport like eBay and Amazon. DHL even moved their logistics for eastern Europe to Leipzig and the management of the airport is in negotiations with FedEx and UPS.

You can profit from this success

Mailbox Germany is working with the Airport of Leipzig/Halle and you can start your thing while we help you to transport and ship it. We are currently in beta for our shipping service, so you can profit from early-bird fees.

If you have any questions, just hit our Learn section or send us an e-mail service@mailbox-germany.com!

Sources: Airport CC BY SA daniel obst via commons.wikimedia.org / OpenStreetMaps license

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