Green infrastructure aligns itself to established roads.
Green infrastructure aligns itself to established roads.

Why would you want to go green? In Germany, we debate about the pros and cons of a green economy for years but even the conservative-run government realized how important going green is. They shut down all the nuclear power plants.
In fact, companies and whole economies can profit by going green.

A brief history of why we need to go green

Reducing environmental pollution not only helps the environment but also reduces exhaust-gas pollution, noise, and fine-particles that contribute to smog. Right now, up to 5.5% of the worldwide greenhouse gases are made directly by logistics.
Companies realized their corporate social responsibility and paved way for a great green economy. While so-called greenwashing is still a problem (companies pretending to be green just for marketing), many companies understood that by going green they can save money and make a more efficient business.

With a green economy, the everyday person profits, too. How so? Read on and find out.

How to master green logistics

Logistics is all about the minimum principle, also called the economic principle: Get the best results with a minimum of resources. Going green fits right into this.
For many reasons it is important to be part of a sustainable industry, chief among them: to save money. Yes, that’s right.
While many lobby organizations advocate the death of economy, in fact, economy grows with a sustainable ecology. A company that goes green can reduce their waste and optimize their resources management.

Transport companies can buy new cars with a reduced consumption of petroleum. That way, the company is helping the environment by using much less petrol – which, in turn, reduces the tank bills of the company.
The members of the Logistics Network of Leipzig-Halle are actively using these methods and are inventing new ones to reduce waste, help the enviroment, and maximize profits.

Best-practice advice and success stories in the Mailbox Germany neighborhood

Going by rail could be an alternative.
Going by rail could be an alternative.

Shift transport from road to rail. Starting at a distance of 500 km, railroads are way more cost-efficient and one can save in gas, manpower, and doesn’t pollute the air, according to Financial Times Germany. Unfortunately, 98% of all truck trailers are not suited to be shifted on trains.
CargoBeamer AG is building special trailers for trucks so that road-based transport can be shifted on rail with a minimum of effort and time. This saves a lot of money, is very efficient, and environment-friendly.

Build better buildings. More efficient warehouses are also more sustainable. Gazeley is the world-leading expert in building sustainable warehouses that are way better than any federal regulations demand. Erected in 2007, a model warehouse in England saves utility costs of about £ 250,000 per year. How? The building reduced its CO2 emissions by 39%, cut its energy costs by 40%, and its water waste even by 61%.

Cooperate and build together. Going green can be a good thing. We know this because our sister company Vireo Store is a green online shop. We are incorporating many eco-friendly ideas and techniques like green packaging which is made of organic plastics and our carbon-neutral shipping. This way, we want to increase your experience with Mailbox Germany while also staying true to ourselves and our business ethics.

Tell us why going green is important!

Of course, we always want to learn and improve. Please leave us a comment or tell us on our Facebook page why going green is important.

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