We have reached the half time of our crowdfunding project Mailbox Germany! So far, there have been many supporters. We thank you very much! Together we can achieve even more! Although there is still missing a large percentage to achieve the maximum amount of 20,000 €, we are content and each support counts due to the flexible target amount. All amounts reach us immediately. We can work with it instantly!
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For over a year we are working on launching this idea. But, a new concept is not always immediately understood and requires more than one or two steps or better clicks.

What is Mailbox Germany?
Mailbox Germany is a kind of shipping gateway for foreign customers to obtain postal mail and packages from Germany. Foreign customers often have the problem that many german online shops do not ship abroad (about 45% do not ship or only ship partly abroad).
In fact, we are more a Shopping Forwarding Service, a service which receives products, processes and forwards them.
At the end Mailbox Germany is, as the name suggests, an extended mailbox with many additional features.

In the near future customers from Austria, Switzerland, Holland, the U.S. and especially Germans abroad who work or live all over the world (about 3.2 million german citizens) can receive products, goods, letters and journals from Germany with a german delivery address and those goods can be forwarded to any place in the world.

You can read here how the idea has begun:
Mailbox Germany brings MINI into the BMW Museum

Our draft design website can be already explored in three languages (german, english, french):
(However, our service does not start until the end of this year!)

The Crowdfunding is a finance method especially for young companies. So we are looking for sponsors to take a first step for financing the idea. If you are willing to give a donation to our project, you can select in return between one of many small and large rewards valued between 5-500€. For 10 € we thank you, for example, with a very individual team picture.
However, it is only possible to contribute via Paypal or credit card. Alternatively you can contact us directly.

Of you we kindly ask you to:
1. Take a look at our Project at Indiegogo – Mailbox Germany
2. Help us spread the word via our Facebook und Twitter-Tool on: mailbox-germany.com
3. If you like our Idea make a contribution so that our vision of boundless shopping and shipping will come true. You can start from 1€.

Best wishes from the whole Mailbox Germany Team

Hermann, Matthias, Claudia, Adrian, Ina, Jens, Marcel, Jana, Leonhard, Maik, Matze, Nadine und Paul

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write us. Feedback is as always very welcome!

Crowdfunding: http://bit.ly/Mailbox-Crowdfunding
Draft-Site:       http://crowdfunding.mailbox-germany.com
Website:        http://www.mailbox-germany.com
Facebook:      http://www.facebook.com/MailboxGermany

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