Today, when something is made in Germany it’s a sign for great manufacturing and high-quality products. There are many labels or “Gütesiegel” in German to certify the quality of goods and services. So, how good are German products and online shops?

That’s one of the reasons many of you are interested in Mailbox Germany. We make it possible for you to shop your favorite Germany-made products from anywhere in the world. But when you shop, there must be trust.

Quality labels for German online shops

Initially the “made in Germany” label was issued by the British government in the 19th century as a warning label for inferior products but became one for product quality due to the great quality of German manufacturing. In the digital age, there are similar signs and badges to mark good shops with a great customer service and amazing products.
Keep an eye out for these labels and certificates when you shop in Germany. All good shops sport at least one of them.

Trusted Shops

Trusted Shops is a German corporation for issueing certification marks for online shops. Founded in 1999, its one of the oldest such companies in Germany. Trusted Shops is a known and trusted label for German shops. Our very own sister company Vireo Store is also Trusted-Shops certified.
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Why to look out for the Label: Trusted Shops is almost everywhere. On the one hand, it’s a safe bet for quality. On the other hand, almost every shop has this label now – so it’s not outstanding.

TÜV Süd (Safer Shopping)

Not just the umlauts are a typical German thing but TÜV Süd is a well-known organization in German business. The Technical Inspection Association South(ern Germany) was founded in the 19th century to test industrial plants and facilities. Since then, the TÜV has evolved into a well-known and respected organization for consulting, testing, and certification.
In 2001, TÜV generated the Safer-Shopping label to certificate online shops. These shops must have a great order and payment service, data policy and data safety measures. Additionally, all Safer-Shopping shops get inspected annually if these services are still active.
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Why to look out for the Label: If something gets a TÜV certificate it ought to be first-class quality. TÜV is synonymous in Germany with high quality.

Internet Privacy Standards (IPS)

This quality label is based on a cooperation between the datenschutz cert GmbH company and Peter Schaar. The datenschutz cert GmbH is the main inspecting authority for the Federal Office for Information Security. Schaar served ten years, from 2003 to 2013, as the chief Data Security Officer for the Federal Republic of Germany.
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Look out for the Label: The label costs about € 1,000 per year and takes into account not only the customer data but also the order processing

EHI Label

EHI is a scientific institute of the retail industry. A cooperation of some big companies and partners to the Messe Düsseldorf, EHI stages the world’s biggest capital-goods-trade fair for the retail business, EuroShop.
To get the EHI Label, an online shop has to have at least two payment options besides cash-in-advance, a transparent order process, and a good data policy.
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Look out for the Label: The EHI label is not well-known and how the big companies influence the institute, we don’t know.

Google Trusted Stores

The Trusted Stores program by Google uses the vast quantity of algorithms and services from Google to produce a qualified overview of how good the online shop is. The label has a big impact simply by using the Google brand. On the other hand, many data experts aren’t sure about how good the label is because Google analyzes and processes all the data from the shop but not the payment options, the data security, or the overall user experience. Still, Google is a well-known brand name and induces a sense of trust especially for little shops.
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Why to look out for the Label: The label is relatively new, so you won’t find it on a lot of websites yet. Kepp your eyes pealed.


Well-known via big German TV stations like Pro7 and RTL, the eKomi label supports online shops via customer reviews. They process feedback and comments from customers and display them as widgets on the shop websites. The company manages about 40 million customers reviews for about 10,000 clients. The service is available in 26 different languages.
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Look out for the Label: Millions of customers review the clients, so the results should be okay. eKomi is a newer brand that right now climbs up in being recognized as a trustworthy label.

Have fun shopping in Germany

These labels are not the only ones and many more represent a similar quality and diligence. However, next time you visit a German online shop like Vireo Store, you know what to look for. When you have any questions, please don’t hesitate. At Mailbox Germany we like to help you with anything related to your shopping experience.

Image sources: “(Fake) Certificates” by Mahirah Siti is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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