From the moment we launched Mailbox Germany on May 1st, 2014, we have grown to a full-fledged business with passionate customers. Still, we are not done yet, we want to get bigger and better so wen can help you start things and get your projects on the way

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Our team did some amazing work. The Mailbox Germany brand is all about helping you with difficult transport, secure your personal information, and assist you in getting your stuff to its destination.

Today we want to leap forward and take you with us. We think you will like it. Just recently, we launched a new website.
You get an updated navigation, a mobile-friendly site structure, and some awesome new tools!

New features on the updated Mailbox Germany website

We will roll out everything soon. Right now, the upgrade is just available in our English version of the website. Check out the main new features:

Registration: You get all the information about your tariff – right now, the Free Tariff is available. How can you register, what steps do you need to take, and what are the fees when your register? What will your individual address look like and how does our service work? Have a look at your personal storage space in Germany!

Services & Prices: Our service includes handling and care of your packages. It is important to know, that all received shipments will be opened and reviewed. How much does it cost to send a letter to you and can you bundle your shipments to a big one? (Yes, you can.)

Get your projects on the way with us.
Get your projects on the way with us.

Brand-new section: Learn! Every question ever asked is answered here. Everything you want to know about shipping options, insurances, billing, tracking of your shipments, and so on. We offer some awesome additional services, too. With your approval, we open and scan your documents, trash them if you don’t need them, repackage them and even assist you in shopping!

Have a look at our new website!

We would love your feedback on our new Mailbox Germany website. What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below or via our Facebook page.

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Christian Allner

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I have a neverending curiosity how things work. I'm involved with Mailbox Germany since 2014. Let us explore this world and its logistics!

Since 2011, I work as Schrift-Architekt, a freelance consultant for social media and for some time now I am an avid German podcaster with #Onlinegeister, radio about internet culture, social media, and PR.
Christian Allner
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