Right now, logistics is an industry almost perfectly coordinated but little hickups occur: The item sent is broken, the wrong package is delivered, or the delivery takes too long. Technology can help in improving the process and speed of things.

Augmented reality can speed many up things.
Augmented reality can speed many up things.

Augmented Reality: See more with virtual technology

Our logistics partner DHL works on augmented reality which is an amazing new technology. In a nutshell, augmented reality works with current fotographic technology. Via an app or a special device like a smartphone, a sensor scans its surrounding. Based on what it sees, the software generates helpful information for the user. One very popular augmented-reality application you already know is Google Glass. Other devices like Occulus Rift are the same kind of heads-up display (HUD) that serve for decades in science-fiction work. Only difference is: fiction becomes fact.

Augmented reality can help you a great deal in your normal life. When you arrive in a new city and want to get the shortest way to your hotel, you fire up a map or a street view application and follow the directions. While these apps often use years-old stock photography, augmented reality uses live footage to generate a direction for you.
The same way, augmented reality will help the logistics industry.

How you increase your customer experience with augmented reality.

Right now, workers must sort through enormous crates and aisles of cargo to pick the right package. However, according to the DHL augmented reality report the AR technology can optimize the whole cargo processing line when a customer orders an item. That way, you as a customer get your items safer, more relaxed and in time.

  1. You get the right package. Augmented reality creates a digital infrastructure starting with the picking process. Smart glasses can guide the workers to the right directions. Right now, up to 65% of the costs in logistics are from the processes in the warehouse. Also, there are no more wrong items being shipped.
  2. You safe money. Improvements in picking and processing leads to more efficient packing. With augmented reality, the company processes more efficiently, saves time and money and can pass both to their customer. That way, the company saves money mainly due to maximizing efficiency. The customers on the other hand saves time, money, and gets the right package from the start.
  3. Your packages won’t be late. When your items are sent, the vehicles will be packed with an augmented-reality device so the driver gets traffic support. Right now, a driver is in the back of his truck for 40-60% of his delivery time just looking for the right parcels.
  4. The delivery man can find you. No more midnight drop-offs, wrong packages, or human error. Personal devices will guide the delivery man to the right building, the right entrance and the right floor.
  5. No more cards, your body is your ID. Ever had a delivery where you needed to show your ID and you forgot your ID? Biometric data provided, fingerprint or face-recognition software will scan you and you are literally the only person who can receive your package. This also enhances security measures.
Mail delivery with the good ol' postal cycle in Germany.
Mail delivery with the good ol’ postal cycle in Germany.

Augmented Reality can make our lives easier

Right now, the technology is in development but can become more wide-spread in a few years. Especially navigational assistance and digital infrastructure of warehouses can speed up the whole delivery process. That way, your forwarded package can be processed and shipped more quickly.
We are proud of our partnership with DHL and hope to offer you this amazing new services in the time to come.

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