Stereotypes and cliches often have at least a kernel of truth. Julia Saswito and Astrid Wunsch should know it. Both work for a German agency and helped create the idea of gendered commerce.

Saswito and her colleagues stress that they don’t want to implement stereotypes. They want to cast a light on some differences how women and men shop in most cultures. So it’s not about questions like: Girls like pink, boys like blue. Their idea is not that women are superior nor inferior in shopping. They just do it differently than men.

Are girls and women shop differentyl?
Are girls and women shop differently?

Gender Commerce: Men are hunters

Most programmers and designer are male and thus, design online shops for male customers. Men – and now we are going into cliches – are looking for their prey / their product. They hunt it down. Studies found that men shop with a specific goal i. e. product or article they desire.

Men have an objective when shopping and don’t want to waste time.
Men have an objective when shopping and don’t want to waste time.


They specifically look out for said article, buy it and then leave. This is not how a shop – especially an online shop – can grow and flourish.

Gender Commerce: Women want to browse

Women on the other hand are often seen as gatherer types. They often want to browse or get inspired to buy something. Online shops can use this when displaying advertisements or recommendations what to buy next or how many customers bought other articles as well.

Women often shop to inspire themselves what to buy.
Women often shop to inspire themselves what to buy.

India Times reported that women outspend men in the Indian Union when online shopping is regarded. The often-discussed gender gap (more men than women are active online) is not true, at least when regarding shopping the web. Women can be seen as a big target group – unfortunately, web design often disregards them.

Another problem: National borders and online shopping

Saswito and her colleagues didn’t discuss another problem that is: Not only are some online shops not catering for their audience but many forget how important foreign customers can be. Why have an online shop when you are unwilling to deliver worldwide?

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