The use of the service does not limit to private, occasional customers. It could be also a convenient resolution for my neighbour`s small home based businesses. wishing to keep their actual place of residence private by indicating the address of this virtual mailbox and then getting the mail forwarded in a timely manner, reaching the latest data in an online account and e-mail notifications.

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In addition, more and more businesses nowadays execute international projects, requiring employees to move around. I have met expatriates leaving their home forever or renting it out to other people for a long period of time. However, important mails or magazines could still be expected in the place left behind. Here comes again the handy option to set up an address at with further choice to destroy or have it forwarded to a current place of residence.

Another instance is the often limited region of delivery by users of„ebay“, „amazon“ and alike. Nigerian customer faced this problem when trying to purchase a self made accessories from a dutch amateur, who offered delivery only within Europe. In cases like this could help both – to promote the business of the seller as well as to provide the buyer with an opportunity to order a desired item.

One more relevant case for me is to arrange the subscription of my favorite magazine from my native country Latvia and recive it once a month overseas in Canada where I am going to spend a study abroad semester. As I know it would be quite easy to have it delivered to Germany. Afterwards could then forward it further to me.

This is no secret for anybody that people tend to migrate more and more, so lets open the boundaries also for our small dear reminders from our home countries stuck on their way abroad!

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