It is said that we Germans are punctual, strict, and have no sense of humor – and that we produce high-end goods. You may have heard of the German word Wertarbeit – which means high-quality manufacturing. A recent study by BITKOM based on data from the Federal Statistical Department supports this sentiment.

What countries love German IT hardware?

German tools seems to have some magic for other people.
German hardware seems to have some magic for other people.

In 2014, Germany sold hardware like computers, printers, and mobile technology like phones for an estimated 6.6 billion euros. Thus, Germany has proven again that it’s one of the world’s technological power houses. Germany’s IT hardware sells in the world and especially in Europe.

The biggest fans of German products are its neighboring European countries. It seems that neighbors know it best. Germany’s best customers are the British. The United Kingdom is on the first rank and its citizens love to buy German products. This was the case a hundred years ago as well – that’s why the label Made in Germany was issued in the first place.
A close second place is France. The French and German people have close-knit economic ties since World War II. Third place goes to the Dutch. The 4th is divided between Czech Republic and Poland, also is the 5th between Austria and Italy with the United States just ranking 8th. German products are especially famous within Sweden – there, German imports rose about 30 percent last year.

Why do these countries love German products so much?

There is no German McDonald’s, Woolworth, or some similar globally-known company. Some brands are known worldwide, like Haribo, Siemens, or BMW. Others are not. They are an exclusive national brand. We have many companies with a long business tradition but Germany was never big on hard advertising. People just seem to know that with buying something labeled Made in Germany, they buy good old-fashioned Wertarbeit.

Should you buy German products?

German wine and other delicacies are worth a try.
German wine and other delicacies are worth a try. (CC BY SA)

More and more, goods and services are sold online. But where can you buy them? Lucky for you, we made an ultimate shopping list with the 20 biggest German online shops!

Unfortunately, many amazing German companies just sell within Germany or selected European countries. That’s why we exist: Mailbox Germany is a shipping service that can assist you with your shopping list. You found something awesome in Germany and want to get it to your place? No problem: You shop it, we ship it.
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