At Mailbox Germany, we offer you a multitude of services so you can shop in Germany and get your deliveries with a great discount. We can do that because of our infrastructure, our locational advantage, and the fact that we have many excellent partners like DHL.

However, if you can’t read any German, many sites and many amazing products are out of your reach. We know that German isn’t the easiest language either. Not many German retailers, especially small and medium-sized businesses, have online shops in different language either.

So how can you benefit from German products and shop online in Germany when you don’t know the language?

The simple answer: Translation tools. They are getting better all the time and with the help of these tools, you can translate a website so you understand what exactly they offer and what you purchase. We present to you our top 5 translation tools.

1. Google Translator

Our review: It shouldn’t be a surprise that Google is our first hot tip. Of course, not even Google Translator is an interpreter but it does a pretty decent job. Most of the translations it provides are fairly accurate or at least catch the meaning of the original sentence or phrase.

How to do it: Just put in a phrase or a whole URL address and get a translation.

Web address:

2. Free Website Translation

Our review: Although Free Website Translation just want you to create a button for website translation, it’s a free service that offers whole site translation or just word-for-word using Google Translator

How to do it: Just put in the URL address you want to translate or just single words.

Web address:


3. Worldlingo

Our review: A nice program but limited to translations of a maximum of 500 words.

How to do it: Just put in the URL address you want to get translated.

Web address:


4. PROMT Online Translator

Our review: The typical mistakes happen when you translate something via a machine but nothing major. The mistakes are little and the sentences cann still be understood quite well.

How to do it: Just put in a word, sentence, or whole URL address into the mask and it gets translated automatically.

Web address:


5. Mobile Apps!

An app for every kind of use.
An app for every kind of use.

Our review: These mobile apps work as promised. You install the application on your smartphone and then put in what you want get translated. may be just a dictionary but has a wide variety of different languages. For whole website translations you best use PROMT and Google Translator.

How to do it: Just install the app and put in the phrases or sites you want get translated.

Web address:

Please Note

Although many of these online tools or apps are pretty great, they are just machines. So please, if you are uncertain what a specific shop wants from you, contact us! You can reach our customer support via, our Facebook page, or landline (+49 3461 479 21 48).

At Mailbox Germany we want you to shop freely but also safely. We are glad to help you with any translations we can provide.

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Christian Allner
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