I guess, Hollywood stars fancy Mailbox Germany’s heimat of the Leipzig/Halle region: George Clooney’s Momuments Men was partially filmed in our beautiful Merseburg Castle and now, to my personal delight, superheroes are in town!

What is Marvel’s new blockbuster movie all about?

Many well-known names were at the Airport Leipzig/Halle in August to film scenes for newest Marvel movie Captain America: Civil War. There, Chris Evans reprises his role of Steve Rogers aka Captain America. Since the events of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America is in command of the Avengers team but now is faced with a world that revolts against self-proclaimed heroes.

When Captain America throws his mighty shield ... (CC BY 2.0).
When Captain America throws his mighty shield … (CC BY 2.0).

It is said that there will be a big fight between Captain America and Iron Man (played by Robert Downy, Jr.) on what to do with the Avengers. Spotted on set at the Airport of Leipzig/Halle were also Scarlett Johanson aka Black Widow and Anthony Mackie aka Falcon. The villain’s role will be played by German actor Daniel Brühl, who may be best-known from the movie Inglourious Basterds.

Why is Hollywood filming at Leipzig/Halle International Airport?

International Airport Leipzig/Halle (CC BY 2.0).
International Airport Leipzig/Halle (CC BY 2.0).

I think we mentioned this already but the Leipzig/Halle Airport is located in a prime logistics region. It’s also a hub for the United States Army when they deploy to missions in the Middle East. Thus the Airport is well-known in the United States and since the movie will also use locations in Berlin and the famous Babelsberg studios, the Airport of Leipzig/Halle is the perfect choice since it’s only 2 hours by car.

Well, that may be good news for the people there, but how does this benefit you? The answer’s pretty simple: Leipzig/Halle Airport is getting more international attention, get more clients, and increases its revenues, thus getting more money. With more money, they can build an even better infrastructure that Mailbox Germany – and you – can use for transportation and shipping.

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Sources: Shield CC BY BargoGames via flickr.com / Airport CC BY dierk schaefer via flickr.com

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