Hi folks!

we´re Live! We’ve launched Mailbox Germany on Indiegogo (What is Indiegogo – Crowdfunding?) and are excited to share our idea.

Take a look at our project at Indiegogo and help us to spread the word of Mailbox Germany fast and easy.

To make the process of sharing as easy and smooth as possible, we create a sharing site where you can help and support us with only three clicks!

sharing site

Check it out under Mailbox-Germany.com

Do us a favor and:
1. Take a look at our Project at Indiegogo
2.  Help us spread the word of Mailbox Germany fast and easy at our Website www.mailbox-germany.com
3. If you like our Idea make a small contribution so that our vision of boundless shopping and shipping will come true.

For more Information about Mailbox Germany, take a close look at our design and information page.

Best wishes from the whole Mailbox Germany Team


Hermann, Matthias, Claudia, Adrian, Ina, Jens, Marcel, Jana, Leonhard, Maik, Matze, Nadine und Paul

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