In June, I traveled abroad to Bosnia and later Poland. Many people I encountered told me that they love Germany and would like to visit it. Of course, I was asked: What can you recommend? Starting off with an amazing video by Get Germanized then you will get an ultimate and of course totally subjective list of Mailbox Germany’s favorite regional locations.

Video: Top 10 Must See Locations In Germany

Mailbox Germany’s favorite locations

Bauhaus and the Wörlitzer Gartenreich in Dessau

The city of Dessau-Roßlau is famous for the Bauhaus, which was an art school in the 1920s and a very influental design period. Today, it’s a museum. Maybe half an hour off of Dessau, you can encounter the Wörlitzer Gartenreich (Wörlitz park) which is an UNESCO world heritage site as well as a beautiful park and garden.

Lutherstadt Wittenberg

In Wittenberg, Martin Luther started the Protestant movement in 1517 with the legendary 95 theses he pinned on the gate of the local church. Today, a big foundation takes care of the castles, churches and historical sites of this lovely city.

Himmelschreibe von Nebra in Halle (Saale)

Halle (Saale) or Halle an der Saale is a big university city in the southern part of Saxony Anhalt, just some kilometers north of Mailbox Germany’s home town of Merseburg. The city has many touristic attractions but the best-known is the so-called Sky Disk of Nebra a 4,000-years old metallic disk depicting the oldest known view of the night’s sky. It is an UNESCO world document heritage.

Schlossgarten in Merseburg

The Gardens of the Merseburg Castle.
The Gardens of the Merseburg Castle.

Last but not least the Castle Gardens of Merseburg are a magnificent view to behold. The castle was the seat of bishops and kings and the gardens were for their leisure. In the late 19th century, an aristocrat from Estonia even tried to copy the castle but could not finish his project.

Did we miss something?

Tell us if we missed something. Did you visit Germany and have some advice? Let us and others know in the comments or via our Facebook page!

Sources: CC BY Romantikgeist via flickr

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