Shopping is among the many activities that are now conveniently undertaken via smartphones, with the prevalence of retails apps and mPayment options for a secure and efficient ways for consumers to purchase goods. In a study featured on Tritonia, it revealed that German consumers are influenced by mobile shopping apps as they are perceived useful, enjoyable, and trustworthy. In addition, Germany has approximately 49 million mobile users.

Usage of mobile devices has increased over the years, due to apps and solutions that conveniently make activities faster and easier to execute. According to Gaming Realms, the market growth comes from the increased adoption of smartphones by consumers. The developer of mobile game platform Spin Genie added that the increased usage of mobile internet capabilities has led to the surge in people dependent on mobile devices to carry out a slew of daily chores. Thus, mobile shopping is likely to continue to grow in the coming years, so long as it’s efficient and effective, especially when shopping for items.

But not all apps are made to the same standard. In this post, we will highlight some of the top German shopping apps you must download for your smartphone or tablet.


The mobile app claims to be a boot sale on-the-go. Shpock may have been created in Australia, but its first market since its initial release in 2012 was Germany. The idea is for users to buy, sell, and even donate some of their unwanted items locally, with more than 8 million users in Europe alone. The best part about Shpock is that it suggests items being sold and donated by people near you. It comes with a massive range of products to browse through, from Books and Music to Home and Garden, and even Giveaways.
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Berlin-based online fashion brand has successfully expanded their reach to mobile with their mobile lifestyle app. The company recently made a huge update to their approach to make it easier for consumers in Europe to purchase directly from factories in Asia through their website and app. They have also provided users with significant discounts. Lesara claims they have 50,000 products listed on their platforms and are planning to expand significantly in the future.
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Kleider Kreisel

Need a new wardrobe in your closet, but there isn’t enough space? Maybe you need to trade, sell or give away your old clothes to those who might be interested online. The Kleider Kreisel comes with an advanced gyro-secure solution that provides protection to users for all their transactions and comes with plenty of shipping optionx. It also comes with a forum section where users get to interact with other members.
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We are certain there are plenty of other shopping apps that are highly popular in Germany such as their local eBay Kleinanzeigen and Amazon Shopping apps. Although, make sure to only trust the best in high-tech delivery systems when purchasing items. Mailbox has partnered with DHL to speed up delivery through augmented reality, as previously discussed on our blog.

What other German shopping apps do you want to suggest adding to this list? Feel free to leave any suggestions below

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