As an online shopper from Europe, making purchases from external sellers every now and then is appealing to me because of the exotic designs or different features of the desired items.

Have to say, sometimes my orders could not be properly processed. Difficulties have come up due to a lack of smooth and efficient communication between U.S. and foreign banks or the seller simply does not accept payment by my credit card.

Of course I kept this issue in mind with regard to Mailbox Germany. I believe many foreign customers face the same problem when placing orders in some of the German or European online stores.

Therefore, Mailbox Germany has designed shopping assistance option forcases like these. You only need to provide the link, general details and optional features about the desired item. After the payment for the item plus service fee of 2.5% is made, Mailbox Germany makes an order on your behalf. As simple as that!

Thus, the range of European online shops available for everyone is expanded!

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