Mailbox Germany offers you an amazing service: From anywhere in the world, you can shop in Germany. We even can shop for you if you don’t have a credit card. But this service isn’t of any use for you if you don’t know any awesome online stores in Germany where you can shop.

Let us give you a quick snaphot of some unique green online shops that deliver only in Germany but are worth checking out.


We’re starting our little survey with some umlauts because the link writes out as Schöner wär’s. The shop wants to present to you original ideas and a sustainable design. They offer household articles, bags, children’s clothing and gifts. Schöner wär’s keeps a high-quality standard for their products so virtually everything is fair trade or hand-made.

You can get to their shop via


The relaxing scent of minted soap after a stressful day.
The relaxing scent of minted soap after a stressful day.

We handle our skin with soap and beauty products on a daily basis so the ingredients of said products are very important. Albstädter Seifen is a company that produces a wide variety of organic soaps, sun lotions and other beauty products.
Their product range is certified via the organic and natural cosmetics standard made by the International Cosmetics and Device Association (ICADA).

Take a look at their wide range of goods via


We mentioned Vireo here and there again. Mailbox Germany is actually an invention made by Vireo some years ago, so we thank our big sister that we are here today! Vireo launched back in 2009 and since then gathered an awesome line of goods.
You can get different electronics, a big range of solar modules, mobile accessories like phone cases and mobile chargers, sustainable children’s toys, and even smartphones. 2014, Vireo became the german reseller for the Fairphone.

Check out their products at


Baby’s first shoes, always a fond memory.
Baby’s first shoes, always a fond memory.

Nothing is more precious than our youth’s health. Through our skin we absorb bad chemicals and toxins, newborns even more so because their skin is thinner. Alkena makes baby clothing that is made out of natural silk from certified organic cultivation, so no bad chemicals or artificial ingredients are added in the production that could hurt a child.

You can order their products via


Last but not least we have kind of a meta shop for you. Avocado Store is like a Green eBay, it is a marketplace for eco fashion and green lifestyle. Hundreds of well-known eco brands are gathered here.
You can find sustainable alternatives for almost every product like fair-trade hoodies, eco jeans, vegan shoes and so on. Everything is checked by Avocado Store to meet their high quality standards.

Check out their products via

Check out so much more German eco shops

Of course, this is just a glimpse of what Germany has to offer. We made the Green Dot popular and are often seen as a first-class recycling nation. You can find an astounding number of sustainable shops at Dasselbe in Grün e.V., a registered association in Germany.

Don’t forget: Register with Mailbox Germany, then you can shop in Germany and send it anywhere in the world!

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