Since 2015 we are servicing and shipping. Customers and destinations with about 200 countries in the world are telling us: Good job. What can we do for you today? We are experimenting with new features for our services and expanding our structure, our logistics network, and our partners.

Mailbox Germany is a full-fledged logistics business and we like to show you some of our perks:

Multilingual: German, English, and French

Officially, we serve in three linguistical flavors: We are German native speakers and are fluent in English and French. Throw in some Spanish and other languages as well and we are good to go. Also, for our Chinese customers: 朋友你好!

We see the ability to communicate and articulate ourselves in different languages as one key element of our service. So donn’t be shy if you speak another language. We will always find a way to get in contact.

Mailbox Germany is available in a variety of different languages, e.g. German, English, and French.
Mailbox Germany is available in a variety of different languages, e.g. German, English, and French.

If you speak another language, just send us an e-mail via or via our Facebook Messenger – we can decipher your language and get you a proper response. However, it will help if you start the conversation with just the name of your language in your mother tongue and in English. That way, you’ll make our job a bit easier.

Amazing tariffs and website!

We updated our website’s startpage to accomodate all the new information for you. We added many nice features, just check them out:

Just click here.
Just click here.

The most amazing part is, however, that we added another tariff: In addition to our Tariff Free you can now choose the Tariff Professional for € 199.95 with everything inclusive, a 60-day storage period, and up to 3.00 m³ (~106 cubic feet) storage space with the option of extensions.

Contract terms Tariff Free Tariff Private Tariff Professional
Registration fee 1.00 € 1.00 € 1.00 €
Basic fee 0.00 € 39.95 € (annually) 199.95 € (annually)
White label address 24.00 € (annually) inclusive
run-time 12 months 12 months
Free period of storage 30 days 45 days 60 days
Exceedance of free period of storage (per parcel) 0.5 € (daily) 0.5 € (daily) 0.50 € (daily)
Storage capacity 1.25 m³ 3.00 m³
Extension of storage space (per m³) 0.5 €/m³ (monthly) 10.00 €/m³ (monthly) upon request
Register Register Register

Our logistics partners: Mailbox Germany will take you all around the globe!

We are cooperating with some of the bewst-known labels and companies in the logistics field to get your goods safely to their destination. You can choose freely between our different partners. Pick the company you trust most with handling your parcels and packages.

Deutsche Post DHL

The Deutsche Post DHL Group is the world’s largest logistics company and with almost 500,000 employees in more than 220 countries and territories. The well-known DHL brand is a division of the Deutsche Post that is providing international express mail services.

We are also accepting DHL parcels (DHL Päckchen) and German mail (Deutsche Post Brief) which can save our customers some hard-earned money!


The Dynamic Parcel Distribution (formerly the German Parcel Service, or Deutscher Paket-Dienst), is one of the bigger services with business-to-business and business-to-customer deliveries. Besides B2B and B2C services, the DPD offers some amazing tariffs like DPD Classic tariffs or DPD Guarantee.

Mailbox Germany is able to offer our customers the awesome DPD Guarantee tariff where you can choose the delivery date! Click here for more information.


The Dutch TNT specializes internationally in business-to-business express deliveries with over 60,000 employees and an annual revenue of 6.7 billion Euros. They deliver in over 200 countries worldwide.

With Mailbox Germany you can get your parcels via TNT. We work with them for years and they’re a reliable business partner.


The US-based United Parcel Service (UPS) is the world’s largest package delivery company. On a daily basis, they deliver more than 15 million packages in more than 220 countries and territories all around the world.

UPS is best-known for their brown-clad employee uniforms and transports. Their business operates on a global scale and therefore has employed some very efficient logistics systems.


General Logistics Systems is a British-owned logistics company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is a subsidiary of the British Royal Mail and operates within 42 European countries and through partnerships worldwide, too. With about 363 million shipped parcels annually, GLS is Europe’s 3rd biggest parcel provider.


The FedEx corporation is an US-American enterprise that operates worldwide courier and logistics centers. They’re headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. The air freight division FedEx Express is the biggest air freight company in the world.

Mailbox Germany likes to work with FedEx in when shipping overseas since FedEx is very experienced and dependable in air freight transportation.

And many more …

We are cooperating with other services as well like DPD iloxx (a branch of the DPD), EMONS Spedition, Finsterwalder Spedition, PostNL (a Dutch postal service), and many more.

Try our shipping calculator

It can be a pain in the neck to calculate shipping costs – so we did some magic and present to you the Mailbox Germany Shipping Calculator! Just type in what country you want your parcel get delivered and some specifications about the parcel itsel. Then hit Submit and we ship your stuff with our partners. We freshly added FedEx to the mix, just try it out!

Try Mailbox Germany's shipping calculator now.
Try Mailbox Germany’s shipping calculator now.

How to use the shipping calculator

  1. Enter your target country; for example Brazil
  2. Enter the specifications of your shipment; e.g. the weight, height, length, and width. You get the specifications from the local shop or when your parcel arrived with us.
  3. Don’t forget: You can pack several parcels into one shipment. We tell you how big that parcel will be and how it’ll cost

Remember: We need to open your parcels when they arrive with us. However, we will protect your privacy and won’t disclose anything. Your stuff is as safe with us as possible.

Leave us your feedback

Mailbox Germany is getting better but we want to improve. Please take a minute, give us a comment below or write an e-mail to with your feedback. But above all:

Don’t forget to start your thing and register with us so wen can help you transport and ship your goods.

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