idea_mailboxAs a result of my continuous movement from one place to another, I find myself missing some special items approachable only in one country and not elsewhere. Communicating with people from all over the world, it appears that I am not alone in my worries.

Americans that are not able to order especially picked quality technical items from Germany, Polish people overseas missing the taste of their favorite traditional sweet gingerbreads or a fancy Chinese girl restricted to receive selected stylish clothing from a european online shop… These are just a few occurances when the Europe-based intermediary mailbox would be of a big help. In accordance with widely available information on the internet, necessity to balance the density of the world or increasing opportunities to travel and explore far places,the need for such service might only rise.

What would be important personally for me when deciding in favor to make use of it? Most likely costs that do not exceed the ability to withstand the lack of the desired thing, timely communication, environmental friendly and safe handling of my shipment and just a feeling of a warmly welcomed customer. These are consequently the propositions that is aiming to carry out.

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